drilling rigs

Development, design and assembly of complete mobile drilling rigs according to a modular principle, based on a predefined standard rig dp-BX 200.E, we proceed as follows:

  • Intensive discussions with customers to clarify requirements in detail
  • Design drawings, design calculations, statics, computer assisted calculation of critical safety points, recalculation of all statics materials
  • Design drawings
  • Meeting with customers to discuss potential modifications
  • Documentation – spare part drawings, operating manuals, safety instructions
  • Purchasing
  • Assembly, erection, commissioning

delta p develops, designs and assembles complete components and assemblies for the oil and gas industry:

  • Special constructions and customized manufacturing, transparent processes through joint development
  • Flexibility also for small and smallest components
  • Orientation to Western European safety and quality standards for all components

delta p realizes the refurbishment of old drilling rigs with a focus on drawworks:

  • Repair and modernization of old drilling rigs
  • Innovative components and assemblies
  • Integration of existing systems
  • Installation of the modern electrical drawworks dp-HW 28 E
  • Assembly of drawworks also possible on stationary rigs

delta p manufactures and supplies spare parts:

  • Customized production of spare parts
  • Documentation and drawings
  • Reliable, fast delivery

delta p provides support for tests and service schedules

  • Function tests, safety stipulations, testing the rated performance
  • Defining critical points - providing measuring instrumentation

delta p provides evaluations, expert appraisals and statements of opinion

  • Independent analysis
  • Technically sound diagnosis