top drive - dp-DA

No gears.
Plenty of advantages

  • 60.000 Nm
  • Synchronous high-torque motor
  • Extremely fast reaction times
  • Center of gravity in the borehole axis
  • Significantly reduced maintenance costs

Many years of practical experience in the drilling industry have provided us with valuable knowledge and led us to a new idea – the electric, gearless top drive from the dp-DA series.

Our top drive has improved dynamic properties and an optimized regulation technology at its disposal. The simple and robust construction guarantees a significantly reduced maintenance cost and related cost savings. The result is that the dp-DA series top drive has more uptime and a wider range of applications – an advantage for the assurance of stable work flow processes.

Safe and tested electric standard components reduce the scope and complexity of maintenance work. The service personnel can become qualified with simple training in operation and maintenance.

Thanks to the use of a gearless synchronic high-torque motor, any wear which normally occurs as a result of alternating loads during drilling is avoided. The construction is simpler and less delicate.

The closed motor cooling system which we use is not sensitive to dust and dirt.

  • Simple maintenance works on standard components
  • No maintenance needed for wear in the gears
  • No maintenance needed due to dirt in the motor or filter
  • Direct propulsion of the main shaft and few rotating parts
  • Drive is backlash-free and low in inertia
  • Significantly faster reaction times
  • Significantly better operation possibilities

Optimization of handling booms and tools leads to significant time savings at every stage of work.

  • Balanced center of gravity in the borehole axis
  • 360° rotating elevator
  • Position regulation in a counter balance system
  • Simple installation and dismantling of the gripper above the coupling and bolts for easy installation around the kelly valves
  • Diagnosis function

The good dynamic properties of the motor in conjunction with an intelligent control and monitoring system enable complex regulation functions for the drilling process.

Interruptions and changes during drilling (e.g. geology, tool wear) are recognized quickly and can be immediately compensated for either automatically or with manual measures.

  • Proactive monitoring/trend display
  • Torque monitoring and limiting, also dependent on process
  • Torque smoothing
  • Angle adjustment
  • Controlled screwing and unscrewing processes
  • Lower costs thanks to greater intervals between maintenance
  • Lower costs for the service personnel (no specialists required)
  • Less down time due to interruptions in drilling or tripping
  • Less consequential damage to the equipment due to recognition of control or handling errors.
  • Faster processes thanks to optimization and partial automation of functions and activities
Specificationsdp-DA 160.Edp-DA 250.1Edp-DA 250.E
load capacity (API) 160t250t250t
rated power402 hp (300 kW )402 hp (300 kW )605 hp (450 kW)
power supply400 V 350A400 V 350A400 V 500A
continuous engine power188 hp (140 kW ) 188 hp (140 kW ) 270 hp (200 kW)
continuous torque 18.439 lb-ft (25.000 Nm )18.439 lb-ft (25.000 Nm )29.502 lb-ft (40.000 Nm )
max. torque 25.814 lb-ft (35.000 Nm ) 25.814 lb-ft (35.000 Nm ) 44.253 lb-ft (60.000 Nm)
max. speed180 rpm (180 U/min)180 rpm (180 U/min)180 rpm (180 U/min)
pipe handler orientation360 ° rotating360 ° rotating360 ° rotating
height6,20 m, without Elevator Links6,20 m, without Elevator Links6,20 m, without Elevator Links
weight18.740 lb (8,5 t)18.740 lb (8,5 t)20.943 lb (9,5 t)
temperature range -40 °C to 50 °C-40 °C to 50 °C-40 °C to 50 °C
mud pressure rating5.000 psi (345 bar)5.000 psi (345 bar)5.000 psi (345 bar)
water course diameter3“ (76 mm)3“ (76 mm)3“ (76 mm)
Tool Joint OD Clamp rangeTool Joint OD 4 1 ⁄8 “ to 8 1/2“Tool Joint OD 4 1 ⁄8 “ to 8 1/2“Tool Joint OD 4 1 ⁄8 “ to 8 1/2“
ATEX-certified94/9/EG (European Directive)94/9/EG (European Directive)94/9/EG (European Directive)