drilling rig dp-BX

Electric - just like 
the land rigs

  • 200 tons / 800 kVA
  • Telescoping mast 38 m
  • Internal anchoring system
  • Uniform, overall drive and control concept for the entire rig
  • Uniform software and operation
  • Shared data pool for all sensor signals to generate new information and evaluations

The dp-BX series electrically powered rigs were developed using valuable knowledge gained from many years of field operation of drilling rigs in the oil and gas exploration and production. Despite consistent use of mobile assemblies, we rely on modern and tough electrical motors just like on larger land rigs. As is common with mobile rigs, all the necessary components are mounted on the carrier vehicle. The effort required for transport and installation has been optimized. Effective tools make rig-up and operation easier. A consistent maintenance and service concept lessens the burden on upkeep.

Carrier vehicle: Mercedes Benz Actros or Trailer

  • Purely electrical operation, no mechanical working brakes
  • Sensitive handling thanks to frequency inverter drive
  • Overload protection, operating conditions are configurable
  • Electrically powered hydraulics for the auxiliary function
  • Independent diesel-hydraulic standby drive
  • 400 V supply (generator or mains)
  • Drawworks type dp-HW
  • Top drive type dp-DA, can be integrated if desired

It is very important for us to meet road transportation conditions. Dimensions and weights are selected as to allow transportation and installation with normal equipment.

  • Modular construction, transportation weights below 15 t with container dimensions conforming to standards
  • Box-on-box working platform
  • Effective transportation design for connecting elements and accessories
  • Support facilities and drawworks (crane almost not necessary for installation and operation)
  • Operational readiness also at power outages (limited)

Interruptions and changes during drilling (e.g. geology, tool wear) are recognized quickly and can be immediately compensated for either automatically or with manual measures.

  • Proactive monitoring/trend display
  • Improved control and protection from control errors and incorrect procedures
  • Tools and equipment for personnel support
  • Noise protection: Noise is significant lowered with our drive design
  • Safety Overrun protection, anti-collision, explosion protection (ATEX)
  • Lower costs thanks to longer intervals between maintenance
  • Lower costs for the service personnel (no specialists required)
  • Shorter rig-up time thanks to optimization of transportation and installation
  • Less consequential damage to the equipment thanks to automatic recognition of control errors or handling errors, as well as maintenance requirements
  • Faster processes thanks to optimization and partial automation of functions and activities
  • Remote monitoring and remote warning thanks to access to a data pool and communication with external systems
Specificationsdp-BX 130.Edp-BX 200.E
Maximum rated hook load286,600 lb; 150 ton (130 t) @ 8 lines440,900 lb; 225 ton (200 t) @ 10 lines
Drill line ø1 ¼”1 ¼”
Maximum hook lifting speed246 ft/min (1,25 m/s)226 ft/min (1,15 m/s)
Maximum achievable depth11,480 ft (3500 m)13,120 ft (4000 m)
Mast clear height from ground level112 ft (34 m)128 ft (39 m)
Drilling floor height from ground17 ft (5,20 m)20 ft (6,20 m)
Rotary table17 ½”27 ½”
Top drive23,600 ft lb (32 kNm); 180 rpm40,600 ft lb (55 kNm); 180 rpm
Racking platform heightapprox. 56 ft (17 m), adjustableapprox. 56 ft (17 m), adjustable
Racking platform capacity of double DP9,840 ft (3000 m)10,660 ft (3250 m)
CarrierActros-chassis (optional trailer)Actros-chassis (optional trailer)
Weight in transport condition114,600 lb (52 t)158,700 lb (72 t)
Temperature range-40°C to +50°C-40°C to +50°C
Maximum wind capacity with full setback7,870 ft/min (40 m/s)7,870 ft/min (40 m/s)
Power Supply400V; 1300A400V; 1600A