drawworks dp-HW

Electric, compact and with emergency drive

  • Load capacity of up to 200 t with 10 wirelines / 500 kVA
  • 2.5 m wide / ø 1.2 m flanges
  • Winch drum with an internal electric motor
  • Autonomous emergency drive with hydraulic motor

We can now install a modern, electric drawwork on small, mobile rigs just as on larger land rigs. This has a significant effect on routine use. Certain assemblies from conventional solutions can be omitted, there are significantly fewer moving parts and there are new opportunities to automate, monitor and optimize the drilling process. In addition the level of occupational and operational safety is increased.

All mechanical expendable parts are eliminated because the motor is installed within the drum. The electric motor simultaneously assumes the function of the working brake. Friction band brakes and water brakes are no longer necessary.

The motor’s response time is significantly shorter than with mechanical or hydraulic drives. The full tensile force is quickly available. In combination with an exact measurement of the tensile force, this produces an effective control loop. This makes sensitive adjustments possible.

Thanks to the good response by the motor to control commands, automatized processes can be carried out with more precision. Depending on the technologically relevant parameters of the work operation, the draw works carries out the desired motion sequence and can prevent a crash in critical situations

  • Setting the permitted tensile strength during tripping
  • Setting the speed during tripping
  • Setting and automatic control of the upper and lower braking and stop points
  • Setting the WOB (weight on bit) during drilling
  • Reactions to specific features e.g. mud pressure

The integrated emergency drive is hydraulic in an independent drive train chain. It is activated by manually adjusting a lever. This ensures that the rig can be operating again as soon as possible after a power outage. For explosion protection, the mechanical requirements in particular can be realized without any problem.

  • Lower costs thanks to greater intervals between maintenance
  • Lower costs for the service personnel (no specialists required)
  • Fewer breakdowns and/or down time thanks to redundant drive systems
  • Less consequential damage to the equipment thanks to intelligent regulation
  • Faster processes thanks to optimization and partial automation of functions and activities
Specificationsdp-HW 28.E
line pullup to 52,900 lb (24 t) at 10 line up to 440,900 lb (200 t) at 8 line up to 330,700 lb (150 t)
drilling line1 ¼” (32 mm)
line speedup to 1,900 ft/min (10 m/s) ; up to 260 rpm
safety brakedisc brake up to 77,100 lb (35 t)
operating brakeelectric motor
dimensionwide 8.2 ft (2,5 m) / flanges ø 3.9 ft (1,2 m)
weight16.500 lb (7,5 t)
temperature range-40 °C to 50 °C
PRIMARY ELECTRICAL DRIVE; variable-frequency drive (VFD)
power supply500 kVA, 400 V, approx. 1.000 A (generator or grid power)
engine cooling liquid-cooled, ATEX
power supplyup to 4,400 psi (300 bar); up to 66 gal/min (250 l/min) by an external unit
line pullup to 48,500 lb (22 t)
line speedup to 196 ft/min (1 m/s) ; up to 30 rpm